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Volume 3 Number 1 January 2017

Factors affecting Technical Efficiency of Sorghum Production in New Halfa Agricultural Production Corporation, Sudan

Authors: Abdelraouf I. Yousif ; Ibrahim S. Mohamed ; Ahmed M. El Naim ; Hashim A. Elobeid ; Adam E. Ahmed
Pages: 1-5
This study was carried in New Halfa Agricultural Production Corporation, Sudan, season 2006/2007. To measure the factors affecting technical efficiency of sorghum production using a stochastic frontier production function. The study used multi-stage stratified random sampling by mean of a structured questionnaire to interview 150 tenants. The results revealed that the magnitude of technical efficiency varied from one tenant to another and ranged from 33% to 99%, with a mean of 78%. Which means that sorghum production could have been increased by 22% at the same level of inputs. The main factors that influenced the degree of sorghum efficiency were the irrigation number, tenancy location, weeding, labour and education. While experiences of tenant, Animal ownership and schooling years, had significant effects on tenants’ technical inefficiency of sorghum production.  To improve sorghum production technical efficiency, the study recommended usage of herbicides, provision credit to tenants.