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Volume 5 Number 4 April 2019

Natural Growth and Mortality of the Golden Grey Mullet Liza Aurata (Risso, 1810) In the Lagoon of Klisova-Messolonghi (W. Greece)

Authors: George N. Hotos
Pages: 23-31
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/ajls.54.23.31
Growth and mortality of L. aurata (Risso,1810) were estimated in the lagoon of Klisova-Messolonghi (W. Greece), based on age estimation from scale readings of a total of 1048 individuals, ranging between 10 and 59 cm in total length (TL). Age determination revealed nine age classes (0+ to 8+). Maximum age was found to be 8 years for females and 6 years for males respectively. The growth pattern of L. aurata exhibited allometry (b=3.26). The species seems to achieve 34% of its growth during the first year; thereafter the annual growth rate drops. Both sexes presented similar von Bertalanffy growth curves. The von Bertalanffy growth function for the estimated total length-at-age was found Lt = 70.78 [1 - e -0.129(t+1.345)] for the combined sexes. Otolith weight, length and width were tested and they were found to be very good predictors for age. Between the present L. aurata growth parameters and those of other Mediterranean, Caspian and Atlantic Sea for the same species, there were found significant differences in its growth parameters. The total (Z) and natural (M) mortality rate was found to be 0.54 years-1 and 0.33 years-1 respectively. The estimated exploitation rate was found to be E=0.395 which suggests that the existing fishing pressure on L. aurata is rather moderate in the investigated region.