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Volume 2 Number 5 May 2016

Efficacy of Sodium Bicarbonate in Early Management and Reduce Vaginal Yeast Infection among Women in Jordan: A Quasi-Experimental Study

Authors: Aida Abd El-Razek ; Gamila Ayoub ; Fadwa Alhalaiqa ; Ibtisam Al-Zaru
Pages: 29-36
Objective: The aim of the study was to determine the efficacy of sodium bicarbonate in early management and improvement of vaginal yeast infection among women in Jordan. Design: A quasi-experimental design with purposive sample was used in this study. Methods: The study sample included women attending maternal and child health (MCH) centers, who were suffering from vaginal yeast infection that that had been confirmed by clinical diagnosis (vaginal examination and swab) or women with high risk factors of developing vaginal yeast infection. A total of 300 women are included in the current study. The participants were divided into three equal groups: group (1) infected women who used sodium bicarbonate only; group (2) infected women who used sodium bicarbonate with medical treatment; and control group (3) infected women who used medical treatment only. Results: 93% of the case group improved than the control group. There were significant differences between the women before and after using sodium bicarbonate only, sodium bicarbonate with medication, and women who use medication only. Conclusion: Vaginal washing by baking soda / sodium bicarbonate helps to reduce vaginal yeast infection, particularly when it is used in combination with medication. The health care providers should pay an attention to, and acknowledge the efficacy of, sodium bicarbonate and combine it with medication to achieve early management and reduction of vaginal yeast infection.