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Volume 2 Number 6 June 2016

A Survey of Sexuality and the Use of Contraceptives among Undergraduates

Authors: G. A. Wokocha
Pages: 37-40
The purpose of this research is to ascertain the level of sexuality and use of contraceptives among undergraduates in Rivers State, Nigeria. To achieve this study 12 items structured questionnaire of yes or no was developed by the researcher and administered to seven hundred (700) respondents using a stratified random sampling technique from five (5) tertiary institutions in Rivers State. The data gathered were analyzed with a simple percentage. From the analysis, it was found that: 1.Undergraduates are aware of contraceptives but do not like using them. 2. Contraceptives effectively protect the users from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. 3.Most undergraduates are into multiple sexual relationships. Recommendations were also made.