Volume 5 Number 6 June 2019

The Efficiency of Planting Stock of Some Tree-Shrubs in Armenia in Open-Air Hydroponics Conditions

Authors: Hovsepyan Albert ; Mayrapetyan Khachatur ; Poghosyan Gnel ; Eloyan Silva ; Eghiazaryan Anna
Pages: 38-42
The question of nature conservation became one of the most important in the world. It especially concerns to the countries with dry climate, such as Armenia, where auto recovery possibility of forests is excessively low. Gradual disappearance of forests, green areas is due to human non-competent acting, climate change, which aggravates present ecological crisis. One of the important steps for solution of this problem is the recovery of forests, green areas that requires the existence of huge amount of saplings. The use of open-air hydroponics is one of the best versions to receive healthy, qualify saplings. We studied and developed open-air hydroponic methods and biotechnologies of cultivation of 25 species of tree-shrubs important for the landscaping and forest recovery. There was studied the influence of nutrition solution offered by Davtyan G.S. and used in our Institute many years and its modified variants with the changes of main nutrients elements ratio on the biometric parameters of plants. Received results showed that saplings grown in open-air hydroponics conditions have strong root system, provide high rooting, which is very important in the recovery of forests, green areas, especially today’s ecological critical conditions of forest zones.