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Volume 3 Number 10 October 2017

Comparative Study of Nutritive Properties and Some Toxic Minerals in Locally Prepared Wheat (Tritian Aestivum) and Plaintain Flours (Musa Paradisiacal) Consumed in Ekiti State

Authors: Ojo O. I. ; Ajayi M. G. ; Olunloyo B. E.
Pages: 79-81
Comparative evaluation of some nutritive properties and minerals was carried out on locally prepared wheat and plantain flours. The proximate analysis shows that highest percentage in the moisture content; crude fat, crude fibre and crude protein contents were recorded in wheat flour as 12.20, 1.94, 2.03 and 11.96 all in percentage respectively.  Highest values for ash and carbohydrate content were observed in plantain flour as 2.92% and 83.70% respectively. The mineral analysis shows that highest level (mg/kg) of zinc (39.5), Cadmium (0.20) and lead (0.22) were observed in wheat, while highest level of copper (3.51) was recorded in plantain flour. Cadmium and lead values were less than the detection limit in the plantain flour.