International Journal of Economics and Financial Research

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Print ISSN: 2413-8533

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Volume 6 Number 1 January 2020

Analysis Method of Enterprise Network Relationship Based on Graph Theory

Authors: Lei Chen ; Luyang Zhang
Pages: 5-13
Network relationship is positively correlated with enterprise development and performance, which is an important basis for studying enterprise development and judging enterprise development situation. In this paper, complex network theory and methods are used to study enterprise network relationships. Based on graph theory, a graph model of enterprise network relationships is constructed, and the Laplacian matrix of the graph model is used to analyze important indicators of network relationships, relationship strength, stability, reciprocity, centrality and other indicators of numerical analysis methods.

Are Occupations of Parents Important? Evidence from Turkey

Authors: Murat Anil Mercan
Pages: 1-4
This paper investigates the relationship between sons’ working age and their fathers’ income in Turkey. In addition, we investigated the relationship between sons’ occupations and fathers’ income in Turkey. It is a unique study because no such study has been previously conducted in Turkey, which is both a Muslim country and a developing country. Our data were acquired from the 2015 Income and Living Conditions Survey, which allows us to match the fathers and sons in the sample. Our results suggest that there is a strong relationship between a father’s income and his son’s age when he first becomes employed. In brief, wealthier sons begin working at an older age than do poorer sons. In addition, our results suggest that when a father’s income increases, the probability of his son having the same occupation as his father decreases. This suggests that wealthier sons have more opportunities available when choosing their occupations.