Article Processing Charge APC

The Journal of Social Sciences Research (TJSSR) provides free access to its users to the full text of articles. All our publications are free to access and easy to track on just a single click. TJSSR provides instant visibility of the published manuscripts after they are accepted after peer review. TJSSR is an open-access journal, which means that all contents are freely available without charge to the users. The users are allowed freely to read, copy, download, print, search and distribute the full text of the articles. They don’t need any prior permission from the publisher and the authors. TJSSR charges the publication fee for the expenses of the open-access publication. These expenses include paper handling, peer review, editing, formatting, tagging, indexing, production, hosting on different servers, hard copy print and post expenses, website maintenance, electric and internet expenses, staff salaries, etc. This fee is paid by the author from his research budget or his supporting institution.

The Journal of Social Sciences Research (TJSSR) does not charge submission fees as many other international journals do. The journal charges only online publication fees and hard copy fees after the acceptance of the manuscript. The journal charges online publication and hard copy fees separately. It means if the author wishes to have the hard copy then he pays hard copy fees otherwise he pays only an online publication fee for the publication of his article.

Respected authors will pay publication and hard copy fee as below:

Online Publication Fee: USD 330
Hard Copy Fee: USD 100

Payment Modes
The publication fee is accepted through Bank, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, and Money Gram.

Refund Policy
According to ARPG refund policy, a publication fee cannot be refunded. If any author mistakenly pays more than the current fee then he should immediately contact the editorial office by email at ARPG will refund this extra payment within 25 days possibly in 15 days. In such case, the transaction fee/charges will be paid by the author.

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