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Volume 2 Number 10 October 2016

Possible Challenges of Potential Drivers of Oil Palm Processing Sector in Nigeria

Authors: Sylvester Chibueze Izah
Pages: 73-79
In Nigeria, efforts are being made to boost the agricultural sectors that the country once neglected. Oil palm is one notable area that Nigeria can produce and provide millions of job. Nigeria oil palm industry is dominated by smallholders and to lesser extent semi-mechanized and mechanized processors. Smallholders and semi-mechanized palm oil processors account for about 95% of the total domestic production.  For effective production, the role of the drivers is essential. These include farmers, processors, marketers/consumers and equipment fabricators. For Nigeria to be able to increase her share of domestic production reduces importation and produce palm oil with improved quality, the challenges of the drivers need to be addressed. The study concludes by suggesting techniques through which the challenges of the drivers can be overcomed.