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Volume 4 Number 12 December 2018

The Synthesis and Regulation of Micronutrients in Rice Grains

Authors: Bo Peng ; Dongyan Kong ; Yu Peng ; Cheelo Dimuna ; Lulu He ; Qingqing Xin ; Yue Jiang ; Yanfang Sun ; Ruihua Pang ; Xiaohua Song ; Huilong Li ; Juan Peng ; Ziyue Liu ; Yuchen Liu ; Shizhi Song ; Hongyu Yuan
Pages: 89-97
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/jbr.412.89.97
Amino acids, vitamins and lipids are the important micronutrients in rice grains. Their synthesis and regulation have important effects on the normal growth and development in rice seeds. This review has mainly summarized the new advances in the synthesis and regulation of amino acids, vitamins and lipids in rice grains. Simultaneously, the challenges of the synthesis and accumulation of the micronutrients in rice grains were also discussed. This review provides important information for genetic improvement of grain quality in rice and, potentially, other staple cereals.