Volume 4 Number 3 March 2019

Assessment of Some Physico-Chemical Parameters of Lagos Lagoon, Southwestern Nigeria

Authors: Peter Olaoye Oyeleke ; Samuel Olatunde Popoola ; Olushola Ayoola Abiodun
Pages: 09-11
The pollution status of Lagos Lagoon was investigated to determine some physical and chemical parameters, in order to further understand its water quality. Five locations were selected according to the anthropogenic activities taking place in the areas. The measured parameters are water temperature, salinity, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and alkalinity. The mean values ranged from 28.50-30.15°C for temperature, 7.86-8.50 for pH, ND-10.60‰ for salinity, 0.18-15.20µS/cm for electrical conductivity, 12.00-14.00 mg/l for alkalinity and 1.60-6.40 mg/l for dissolved oxygen. The statistical analysis of the measured physicochemical parameters revealed non-significant difference (p>0.05) across all stations in the physico-chemical parameters. Generally, the values obtained suggest the influence of anthropogenic activities especially the depletion of DO in most of the stations. Therefore, point source and non-point source pollution into the Lagos Lagoon should be controlled for the health and safety of the aquatic ecosystems. Generally, all the measured parameters were either below or within the permissible limits obtainable in the marine environment.