Recent Articles

  • Studies on Electrochemical Properties of Polycarbazole Prepared Via Self-Support Polymerization and Self-Doping
    Authors: S. K. Shakshooki ; F. A. El-Akari ; L. A. Abouderbala ; A. A. Alahemmer
    Pages: 12-24
  • Performance of Libyan Bentonite as Adsorbent for Methylene Blue Dye: Isotherms, Kinetics and Thermodynamic Studies
    Authors: A. A. Jangher ; S. M. Aghila ; H. A. Jamhour,
    Pages: 1-11
  • Construction of A Turn On Probe for Al3+ Based on Rhodamine B Derivative
    Authors: Huang Xiao-Juan ; Jun Zhang ; Yu Chun-Wei
    Pages: 61-66
  • Detection of Haloacetic Acid in Swimming Pool in Haikou and Its Influencing Factors
    Authors: Huang Xiao-Juan ; Guan Qing ; Yu Chun-Wei
    Pages: 55-60
  • Adsorption of UO 22+  on Fibrous Cerium Phosphate and its Alanine and Arginine Intercalated Materials
    Authors: Hana B. AlHanash ; Ragiab A. M. Issa ; Heba A. AlJabo
    Pages: 47-54
  • A Chemosensor for Fe3+ Detection Derived from Pyrene
    Authors: Liang Ying ; Yu Chun-Wei
    Pages: 42-46
  • γ-Zirconium Titanium-Phosphates – Fibrous Cerium Phosphate / Polyaniline, Polyindole, Polycarbazole and Polyimidazole Nanocomposite Membranes
    Authors: S. K. Shakshooki ; F. A. El-Akari ; Suheila E. Kara ; M. K. Ellafi
    Pages: 30-41
  • Interaction between Cadmium Oxide (CdO) Nanoparticles Aggregation Linked to DNA/RNA and Aryl Mercaptanes With Various Chain Length
    Authors: Alireza Heidari
    Pages: 23-29
  • Enzymatic Biocatalysis of Biomass from Aquatic Plant Phragmite Karka for Second-Generation Bioethanol Production
    Authors: Cosme Sagbo Kouwanou ; Euloge Sènan Adjou ; Cokou Pascal Agbangnan Dossa ; Dominique Codjo Koko Sohounhloué
    Pages: 17-22
  • Kinetics and Mechanism of the Reduction of Tartrazine by Nitrite Ion in Aqueous Acid Phase
    Authors: PATRICIA ESE UMORU ; Udoh Ini Effiong
    Pages: 10-16