Recent Articles

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Novel -Type Zirconium Phosphate-Crystalline Cerium Phosphate/ Polyaniline, Polyindole, Polycarbazole, Polyaniline-co-Polyindole, and Polyaniline-co-Polycarbazole Composites
    Authors: S. K. Shakshooki ; F. A. El-Akari ; Najat A. Abozaid
    Pages: 45-59
  • Efficacy of Chitosan as a Coagulant Aid to Alum Precipitation of Congo Red In Wastewater
    Authors: Adelagun Ruth Olubukola Ajoke ; Magomya Asabe Mercy ; Kamba Emmanuel Alhassan
    Pages: 37-44
  • Temporal (Monthly) Distribution and Variation of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Content in the Water and Sediments from Orashi River, Engenni, Rivers State, Nigeria
    Authors: Edori E. S. ; Edori O. S.
    Pages: 28-36
  • Evaluation of Shell-Derived Calcium Oxide Catalysts for the Production of Biodiesel Esters from Cooking Oils
    Authors: Ngee Sing Chong ; Francis Uchenna Okejiri ; Saidi Abdulramoni ; Shruthi Perna ; Beng Guat Ooi
    Pages: 20-27
  • Application of Lactobacillus helveticus CNRZ 32 to Control the Microbial Contaminants in Cheese by Addition of Bacterial Extracts or by In Situ Production of Bioactive Metabolites
    Authors: Mohamed F. El-Sayad ; Gamal A. Ibrahim ; Osama M. Sharaf ; Nadia M. Dabiza
    Pages: 12-19
  • Some Regularities Inherent in the Balance 2∙f(O) – f(H) Formulated for an Electrolytic System with Symproportionation Reactions Involved
    Authors: Anna Maria Michałowska-Kaczmarczyk ; Tadeusz Michałowski
    Pages: 1-11
  • Determination of Proximate Composition and Anti-Nutritional Content of Cassava in Jimma Zone Ethiopia
    Authors: Adugna Bayata
    Pages: 116-121
  • Independent Sources of Information-Theoretic Descriptors of Electronic States
    Authors: Roman F. Nalewajski
    Pages: 106-115
  • Quantification of the Content of Ten (10) Brands of Metronidazole Infusion Marketed in Abuja Metropolis by UV Spectroscopic Method
    Authors: Onavbavba Godspower ; Alemede Vincent Odunayo
    Pages: 101-105
  • Synthesis of a Number of Unsymmetrical Bridged Terphthaloyl Acetophenone Oxime Esters
    Authors: Ramadan Ali Bawa ; Hana Mansoure Elmajdoub
    Pages: 98-100