Volume 5 Number 3 March 2020

Thermal Expansion and Microstructure Behavior at Elevated Temperature of various {Ni, Co}-based Cast Superalloys

Authors: Patrice Berthod ; Jean-Paul Gomis ; Lionel Aranda ; Pierre-Jean Panteix
Pages: 17-24
This paper aims to investigate the thermal expansion behavior, up to an elevated temperature, of superalloys based on nickel and cobalt with various proportions and designed to be strengthened by tantalum carbides. The as-cast microstructures of these superalloys and their evolutions at two very high temperatures were also of interest. All results are discussed by considering the Ni/Co repartition in the base element position. It appears that when the Ni content is higher than the Co one: 1/the thermal expansion is slower, 2/the as-cast microstructures as well as the ones stabilized at high temperature contain not only TaC but also chromium carbides, and 3/the hardness in as-cast or aged state is lower.