Volume 3 Number 6 June 2018

Synthesis Characterization and Biological Applications of Schiff Base Complexes Containing Acetophenone or Resemblance Compounds

Authors: A. A. Maihub ; M. M. El-ajaily
Pages: 46-59
In this review we report some literature survey on the synthesis, characterization and applications of Schiff bases and their complexes which synthesized from 2-hydroxyacetophenone (C=O) compound and primary amines (-NH2). Including applications of Schiff’s bases and their complexes in qualitative analysis, biological activity and sample preparation for chemical analysis have. The variation of chemicals used in the synthesis to produce Schiff bases and complexes with remarkable stability lead to summarize as much of these important compounds in the field of chemistry. The uses of Schiff bases and their complexes as biological activity reagents open door for significant research to be consider among the chemists to enroll important factors in solving the recent problems in the living aspects.