Volume 3 Number 7 July 2018

Ozone Oxidation Process for the Mineralization of Solvent Degradation Product- Di-N-Butyl Phosphate

Authors: P. Velavendan ; N. K. Pandey ; A. Ravishankar
Pages: 60-64
An experimental study using  semi-batch reaction vessel to evaluate the applicability of ozone oxidation process for the mineralization of di-n-butyl phosphate, which is one of the major degradation product of PUREX solvent (Tri-n-Butyl phosphate). Power law kinetic model for prediction of the conversion profiles of DBP fitted with the experimental results well. From the analysis of experimental data it is found that first - order kinetic is appropriate to describe the oxidation kinetics of DBP. The influence of temperature and the combined effect of ozone on the oxidation efficiency of DBP have been carried out. The global reaction rate constants are found to be in the range of 10-3 min-1.