Volume 2 Number 10 October 2017

Different Statistical Methods Studying the Nature Relationships between Climatic Factors and Cotton Production

Authors: Zakaria M. Sawan
Pages: 102-124
Understanding the impacts of climatic factors on cotton production may help physiologists to determine the control mechanisms of boll retention in cotton. However, weather affects crop growth interactively, sometimes resulting in unexpected responses to prevailing conditions. This study investigates the statistical relationship between climatic factors and production of flowers and bolls obtained during the development periods of the flowering and boll stage. Also, predicting effects of climatic factors during different convenient intervals (in days) on cotton flower and boll production compared with daily observations. Further, collects information about the nature of the relationship between various climatic factors and cotton boll development and the 15-day period both prior to and after initiation of individual bolls. And, provide information on the effect of various climatic factors and soil moisture status during the development stage on flower and boll production in cotton.