Volume 2 Number 11 November 2017

Synthesis and Application of Monoazo-Anthraquinone Disperse Dyes on Polylactide Fibres

Authors: Kayode Peter Okah ; Kasali Ademola Bello
Pages: 125-133
1-Substituted-2-hydroxy-4-methyl-5-cyano-6-pyridone-azo-antharaquinone disperse dyes having high light fastness on polylactide fibres were synthesized from 1-anthraquinone via a diazotization-coupling reaction with substituted pyridones.  The structures of these dyes were confirmed using IR spectroscopy.  Their dyeing behavior on polylactide fibres was also determined whereupon it was found that the title dyes could be applied at temperatures of 90 to 100 oC and that the corresponding dyed fabrics had good fastness properties.