Volume 4 Number 12 December 2019

The Virtual Simulation Experiment of Chloroacetic Acid Production Process Helps Students Improve Comprehensive Ability

Authors: Gang Bian ; Xiuyan Pang
Pages: 124-128
The integration of information technology and education promotes the wide application of virtual simulation experiment in teaching activities. The 3D virtual simulation experiment of chloroacetic acid production process is set based on the preparation, separation and tail gas recovery of chloroacetic acid. This project integrates the basic chemical theory, chemical unit operation, typical chemical equipment principles and operations into two parts: cognition practice and production practice. The paper gives a detail description about the construction and implementation of virtual simulation experiment of chloroacetic acid production process in chemical engineering experiment teaching. It can not only help students apply the chemical unit operation and corresponding equipment to chemical production, but also review the basic chemistry theories such as reaction mechanism, reaction kinetics and thermodynamics. A teaching model based on students’ self-directed learning and teacher guidance is adopted, and the quality management and evaluation can be accurate to before, in and after class through simulation software platform. Application of this system has proved that the virtual simulation experiment teaching cannot only help students master the application of momentum transport, energy transport, quality transport, reaction engineering chemical engineering unit operations and the corresponding typical equipment, but also provides a powerful guarantee for students to effectively combine them with practice, and cultivates the safety production consciousness.