Volume 3 Number 1 January 2017

Retranslation Theories: A Critical Perspective

Authors: Chuanmao Tian
Pages: 1-11
The paper first introduces Goethe’s three-stage theory of retranslating classics and Lu Xun’s emphasis on the necessity of retranslating. Then, it summarizes the main achievements by contemporary scholars in retranslation studies, focusing on definitions of retranslation, retranslation hypotheses, reasons for retranslating and types of retranslation. There are three definitions for retranslation. Retranslations are divided into ordinary and great, active and passive ones. The retranslation hypotheses including those of increasing source focus, quality improvement, text-aging, and so on the reasons for retranslating are complex and closely related to the time of retranslating. Retranslation can be approached from different angles. Finally, the paper points out the problems with the current retranslation studies, proposes a definition of retranslation, outlines for retranslation research the theoretical system of its own and discusses the strengths of retranslation studies.