Volume 2 Number 6 June 2016

Goethe?s and Lu Xun?s Views on Retranslation

Authors: Chuanmao Tian ; Jiying Chen
Pages: 71-73
Goethe’s contribution to studies on retranslation is his classification of (re)translations into three epochs, namely domestication, combination of domestication and foreignization, and foreignization. Lu Xun’s is his emphasis on the absolute necessity of retranslating. Their ideas on retranslation have important implications for contemporary retranslation research.

Cultural Barrier in Learning a Foreign or Second Language: An Outline and Clarification in Context of Bangladesh

Authors: Md. Mahroof  Hossain
Pages: 65-70
Language is used as a medium of expression. We use language to express our ideas, emotions, feelings or to communicate with others. It is easy to do in our mother tongue or the first language. But if we want to express our ideas, emotions, feelings in second language or a foreign language the difficulty occurs. It is not that it is a different language but because among the different barrier the cultural barrier is one that is creating obstacles in learning a foreign language or second language. The issue of language barrier is particularly critical during an intercultural service encounters for ESL customers. This article presents the cultural barrier of learning a foreign language or second language and it also provide information how we can overcome the cultural barrier successfully in learning a language. This article provide a survey report which was conducted on 100 students of a university in Bangladesh which provide information what type of cultural barrier they face in learning a foreign language.