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Volume 10 Number 3 July 2024

The Interactive Relationship between Guo Moruo’s Poetry Translation and Creation from the Perspective of Intertextuality

Authors: Xiao Wenwen ; Gu Yunfei
Pages: 27-33
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/ellr.103.27.33
As an important writer in the history of modern Chinese literature, Guo Moruo has many works in both poetry translation and poetry creation. The poems written and translated by Guo within the period of his Goddess (from 1919 to August 1921) are selected to analyze the interaction between his poetry translation and creation from the perspective of intertextuality. There is intertextuality in literary thought: pantheism, spirit of the times, romanticism; intertextuality in themes and images; intertextuality in poetic form: use of foreign words, quotations from foreign poetry and attempts at modern poetry.