Volume 2 Number 8 August 2016

A Comparison Study of the Effects of Implicit and Explicit Corrective Feedback on EFL Learners? Levels of Grammatical Accuracy

Authors: Nafiseh Asadzadeh Maleki ; Hanieh Davatgari Asl
Pages: 82-88
Regarding the importance of the term corrective feedback, this study was an attempt to investigate probable impacts of explicit and implicit corrective feedbacks on learners’ levels of grammatical range and accuracy in their language learning and production. One-hundred pre-intermediate EFL learners, with an age range of 18-26, were participated in this study. They were assigned into four groups: one control group who received no treatment and three experimental groups who received three different types of corrective feedbacks (recast, error code, and explanation). The outcomes of the present study confirmed the efficacy of explicit feedback strategies than that of implicit and suggested that learners who used explanation as an explicit corrective feedback strategy achieved higher scores than those who used recast and error code feedback strategies.