Volume 5 Number 12 December 2019

Research on the Teaching of College Comprehensive English Based on Production-oriented Approach

Authors: Hongping Chen ; Yu Zhang
Pages: 184-187
Production-oriented approach (POA) is a kind of teaching theory aiming at overcoming the disadvantages of "separation of learning and application" in foreign language teaching in China. With Chinese characteristics, it is suitable for middle and senior foreign language learners. In order to improve the teaching effect of current College English Comprehensive English, this paper will proceed from the current situation of College English teaching, based on the teaching concept of POA, explore the applicability of POA in College English comprehensive classroom, and carry out the teaching design from the three stages of pre-class, while class and after class. In addition, this paper puts forward targeted teaching suggestions for the teaching of College Comprehensive English course, in order to take the classroom as a practical process of cultural and language socialization, truly implement the concept of humanistic quality education, and cultivate a number of foreign language talents needed by the society.