Recent Articles

  • Validation of Teachers Decision Making as Multi-Dimensional Construct; SmartPLS-3.2.4 Analysis
    Authors: Kong Ling Di
    Pages: 35-38
  • Paul Kretschmer and Hansjorg Frommer About the language and Education of the Illyrians
    Authors: Fatmire Vrapi ; Asllan Vrapi
    Pages: 30-34
  • Teachers’ Perceptions, Knowledge, and Interactions with Scripted Curriculum
    Authors: Louis S. Nadelson ; Allison Freed ; Odunola Oyeniyi, et. al.
    Pages: 13-29
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Education in Geography at Schools in Greece
    Authors: Passadelli Anthoula Styliani ; Klonari Aikaterini ; Nikolarea Ekaterini
    Pages: 1-12
  • Exploring Advanced Placement Research Course: Student Perspectives, Advantages, and Obstacles
    Authors: Omar Al Noursi
    Pages: 41-51
  • The Application Status, Principles and Strategies of Situation Creation in High School Biology
    Authors: Bo Peng ; Zhuanqing Yang ; Quanxiu Wang, et. al.
    Pages: 23-40
  • Teachers’ Capacity Building Strategies and Pupils’ Academic Performance in Muslim Public Primary Schools in Namutumba District of Uganda
    Authors: Muhammad Abubakar Ndagi ; Nafiu Lukman Abiodun ; Mirembe Rebecca
    Pages: 15-22
  • Handle with Hair: A Qualitative Course-Based Inquiry into How CYC Students Think About the Relationship between Hair, Identity, and Self-Perception
    Authors: Tanner Dauphinais ; Luna Højgaard ; Julie Leggett-Epp, et. al.
    Pages: 8-14
  • University Lecturers and Students’ Perceptions about Online Teaching and Learning during the Outbreak of COVID 19 in Northern Zone of Tanzania
    Authors: Victorini Salema
    Pages: 1-7
  • Spatial and Geospatial Thinking of Secondary Education Students in Greece
    Authors: Anthoula-Styliani Passadelli ; Aikaterini Klonari ; Ekaterini Nikolarea
    Pages: 80-85