International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business, Economics and Management

(15,16 October 2016 )


1. How to submit paper for conference?
Ans: You can submit your paper by email at or You are requested to identify that your submission is for conference.
2. In how many days will I receive the decision about acceptance/rejection?
Ans: You will be informed within 10 days after submission.
3. After acceptance what should I do?
Ans: After acceptance you need to pay conference fee and get registered.
4. How can I pay conference and publication fee?
Ans: You can pay fee through bank transaction, PayPal, credit card, Western Union and Money Gram.

5. What should I do after paying the conference fee?
Ans: You need to make Power Point presentation and send it to us.
6. After payment what should I do for registration?
And: You need to send the scanned copy of the payment proof quoting your paper id. Your paper id will be given after submission.
7. How much time will be given for presentation?
Ans: You will be given 15 minutes for presentation.
8. Where my paper will be published?
Ans: Your paper will be published in conference proceedings in a hand book with ISBN 978-969-7678-00-6. Publication fee is mentioned on the webpage of Fee and Registration.
9. What type of visa should I get?
Ans: You can get tourist visa.
10. Can I publish my paper in the journals?
Ans: Yes, you can publish your paper in the journals of your choice. For this, journal publication policies will be followed.
11. For any query where should I email?
Ans: You can email at,, Your emails will be responded in a very short time.

Conference Brochure.