Volume 4 Number 2 February 2018

Anatomical and Palynological Studies on Napoleona imperialis P. Beauv. (Lecythidaceae)

Authors: Mercy Gospel Ajuru
Pages: 16-21
Napoleona imperialis P. Beauv is the most widespread Napoleona in Nigeria. It belongs to the family Lecythidaceae, a small tropical family that grows in all regions of Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. However, scientific data concerning this species are scarce. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to conduct an anatomical and palynological assessment of this plant species. For the anatomical evaluation, the leaves and stems were fixed and subjected to common plant anatomy techniques. The acetolysis method was used for Palynology study.  Result for palynological study showed that N. imperialis is characterized by tricolpate pollen, oval in shape,with microspinulose type of exine ornamentationand Pollen fertility and viabiligy is 84.66%. Anatomical characters such as periderm cylinder, phellem cells and primary and secondary vascular bundles of leaf and stem explains typical features of dicotyledonous plants that have undergone secondary growth. This study provides valuable information for reference and correct identification of this species.