Volume 5 Number 5 May 2019

Seaweed Based Bio Polymeric Film and Their Application: A Review on Hydrocolloid Polysaccharides

Authors: Israt Parveen ; Kazi M. Maraz ; Md. Iqbal Mahmud ; Ruhul A. Khan
Pages: 93-102
The objective of this paper is to discuss the potential of seaweed based polysaccharides as biopolymer in the formulation development and its allied applications. This review is an attempt to describe possible ways to produce environmental friendly bio packaging, bio textile, bio medicinal stuffs that can be at least slightly decomposed to smaller substances by the living organisms from marine algae. The main applications in food packaging and biomedicine are briefly mentioned followed by tentative applications in the domains of packaging, textile, paper and medical textiles which are described. This review also suggests new perspectives for future studies with these polymers.