Volume 6 Number 5 May 2020

Influence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Tourism Sector: A Descriptive Approach

Authors: Gajendra Sharma ; Prakriti Dhakal
Pages: 36-40
Nepal is a country blessed with natural beauty, diverse culture, majestic Himalayas, religious destination which attracts thousands of tourists every year making the tourism industry progressive to flourish. Information Communication Technology (ICT) proves to be an effective tool for strengthening the tourism industry. Thus, the purpose of this research study is to analyze about the past scenario of tourism industry, advent of ICT in tourism industry, positive impacts of ICT in tourism industry through in-depth interview with tourism experts and people who have worked for tourism since decades. This study is a form of qualitative research where narrative inquiry has been selected and the scenario has been analyzed through themes developed from the narratives. The result reveals that the emerging technology brings positive impacts to tourism industry assisting branding, promotion of the country, enhancing networks through communication and easily booking tours. The proper utilization of ICT helps to welcome tourists and to give identity of our country Nepal to the world.