Volume 5 Number 6 June 2019

Water Management Strategies Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Santa Cruz Island (Galapagos Archipelago)

Authors: María Reyes ; Aleksandar Petričić ; Nemanja Trifunović ; Saroj Sharma
Pages: 112-123
Islands threatened by tourism around the world are under significant stress due to overutilization of (scarce) water resources. The continuous increase of water demand in Puerto Ayora, the main touristic centre of the Galápagos, has become a threat for the water supply system, portraying the current situation unsustainable on the long-term horizon. For this reason, a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is tested as a suitable methodology in the presence of scarce data, leading to a set of indicators and intervention strategies, aiming to mitigate the future water demand coverage. The current analysis revealed the most sustainable solution, including environmental, technical, economic and social criteria, by using the DEFINITE software. The results indicate that best option for most of the stakeholders’ groups is the option combining all proposed-sustainable options like greywater recycling, specific demand reduction and rainwater harvesting.

Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Parts of Ijoko Area, Sango-Otta Axis of Southwestern Nigeria

Authors: Victoria Abiola Dairo ; Victor Oludare Fagoyinbo ; Godson Mac-tyger
Pages: 103-111
A total of 26 water samples comprising of well, river and borehole waters were subjected to physico-chemical tests to evaluate its quality. The result of the physical characteristics shows that the average pH value, total dissolved solid and electrical conductivity is 4.9, 1027.31mg/L and 1526.92mg/L respectively. Thus, relatively above the desirable limit for drinking water while the ionic dominance of the major cations and anions reveal high concentration of Na+ and Cl- amidst other ions in the order of Na+>Ca2+>Mg2+> K+ and Cl->HCO3- > SO42- respectively wherein the water was classified as belonging to Na-Cl facies and unsuitable for irrigation purpose.