Volume 8 Number 2 June 2022

Seasonal Phytoplancton Variation and Cyanotoxins in a South American Reservoir

Authors: Carlos H. Prosperi
Pages: 38-41
Excessive income of nutrients in water bodies is a process known as eutrophication and derives from the proliferation of organisms such as Cyanobacteria and several other microalgae, which are potentially hazardous to human health if they occur in a reservoir for drinking water. In this work, the case of a reservoir in the Argentine Republic, in South America, was studied. This reservoir provides drinking water to Cordoba, a city of about 1.5 million inhabitants. Together with the seasonal variation of phytoplankton diversity, also some Physico-chemical parameters were measured. The results show danger for human health, as far as eutrophication and levels of cyanotoxins are quite high.