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International Journal of World Policy and Development Studies

Online ISSN: 2415-2331
Print ISSN: 2415-5241

Quarterly Published (4 Issues Per Year)


Volume 2 Number 5 May 2016

Re-Evaluating Value Systems for Kenyan Youths for Social Transformation

Authors: Juma Thomas Otieno
Pages: 31-37
This paper sought to re-evaluate value systems for Kenyan youths in order to experience social transformation. This discourse takes a moralist perspective and believes that there is an ideal body of values, one that over-rides others. In this paper, it would be appropriate to ask pertinent questions such as; what forms societies’ value systems? What value systems are there for Kenyan youths? How can value systems of youths be useful for social transformation? The first two questions concern a present analysis of value basis of societies while the last question is a positivist futuristic question of building a gap. Using a qualitative approach, this study sought for relevant literature from other scholarly articles which formed the basis of conclusions and recommendations. In overall sense, value systems are good, and if re-evaluated, social transformation is bound to occur. This transformation is likely measured by the meaningful socio-eco-political input to the society and the acceptance thereof. Value systems of Kenyan youths have been influenced by; one, familial relations; two, peer pressure; and three, the external factors. This study recommends that for social transformation to occur, re-evaluation of such value systems ought to take place both horizontally and vertically.

Management Gradients Vis-à-Vis Information Science: Towards Potential Information System Building

Authors: P. K. Paul ; A. Bhuimali ; K. Kumar
Pages: 26-30
Management is a process or mechanism to manage any facet or things; where the things or facet may be tangible or may be intangible in nature. In other sense, management is an art of techniques to manage the asset. The study and academic domain of management is called as Management Science. Practically management is applicable in all most all the sector or place or academic domain. In computer science, medical science and even sociology there is a full-fledged role and importance may be seen as far as management is concerned. Practically in Information Science also management deal a lead role. Traditional Information Science or computational Information Science, Management may be applied in several places. This paper is talks about management, its requirement; role of management in information science both the traditional and contemporary and future potential.