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International Journal of World Policy and Development Studies

Online ISSN: 2415-2331
Print ISSN: 2415-5241

Quarterly Published (4 Issues Per Year)


Volume 9 Number 3 September 2023

Banka-Siphon Attached Eden-Canal of Damodar May be Develop as ‘Biodiversity-Biomedicines-Hub’ Improving World Policy

Authors: Subhas Chandra Datta ; Arnab Das
Pages: 62-68
DOI: doi.org/10.32861/ijwpds.93.62.68
The oldest habitat of the ‘Damodar-River-Based-Kanchannagar’; the Banka-Siphon-Dam (BSD) of Banka River (BR) attached Eden Canal (EC) of Damodar River (DR), covering a 3-5 sq km area, enriched different flora- and faunal diversity with agricultural fields and dense vegetation forty-five years ago. But it was decreasing gradually up to December 2019 due to massive visitors or tourists, picnic parties with large sound systems, irregular fishing, killing wild animals, cutting the trees, disturbing and catching different animals including migratory birds, unethical human behaviors, and urbanization nearby. The Covid-lockdowns also impacted the ecosystem during the pandemic coronavirus-disease (COVID-19), it has faced social and economic challenges among the communities, and health systems-“the invisible patients”, due to hampering truism and education, and suspicious killing or catch or death of grey-colored water monitor lizards, fishing cats, civet cats, and barn owls, and even migratory birds also. And it has lost the ecological balance of water, land and vegetation (micro bio-climate) with an increased viper snake, rodent population, etc. And adversely affect the environment (Water, Sanitation and Ecology) and societal problems. To overcome, it is therefore, augments that propagation of the artificial nests, awareness, plantation of different fruits plants, and cultivations would be beneficial to do away with the rodent menace largely, and inhibit the damage and economic losses, without putting any severe implications on the sustainability of pisciculture-fishery agro-ecosystems of the “Banka-Siphon Eden-Canal of Damodar May be Develop as ‘Biodiversity-Biomedicines-Hub’ Improving World Policy”. And the perfect ecological balance of water, land and vegetation may develop any ‘Future-Socioeconomically-Ecological-Tourist-Hub’.