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International Journal of World Policy and Development Studies

Online ISSN: 2415-2331
Print ISSN: 2415-5241

Quarterly Published (4 Issues Per Year)


Volume 2 Number 10 October 2016

Survey of Ict Awareness, Utilization and Challenges in Managing Secondary Schools in Onitsha Education Zone of Anambra State, Nigeria

Authors: Gladys Uzoechina ; Adaeze Oguegbu
Pages: 75-80
This study surveyed Information and Communications Technology (ICT) awareness, utilization and challenges in managing secondary schools in Onitsha Education Zone. Three research questions guided the study. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design. The population comprised 80 respondents made up of all the 32 principals and 48 Computer Science teachers in Secondary Schools in Onitsha Education Zone of Anambra State. The researchers studied the entire population since it was not large. The instrument for data collection was a structured type questionnaire developed by the researcher. It validated by experts and the reliability was established using the split half method which yielded a coefficient value of 0.80 using the Pearson product moment correlation coefficient. Data was analyzed using the mean method for the three research questions. From the findings of the study, it was found that principals to a high extent are aware of ICT facilities used in school management but utilize them to a low extent. Recommendations were proffered based on the findings of the study and they include: increased provision of ICT facilities used in school management by the government, training and retraining of principals on ICT utilization and testing of principals skills on ICT before appointment amongst others.