International Journal of World Policy and Development Studies

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Volume 4 Number 9 November 2018

Fact-Finding Procedures in China

Authors: Na Jiang ; Rong Han
Pages: 98-102
This paper is about fact-finding procedures in Chinese criminal trials. It traces general rules setting out fact-finding procedures, and describes the roles that various legal actors that should play to ensure that they are followed properly. It will further examine how Chinese law balances the duty to determine the truth and the principle of protecting individual rights from potential infringements in criminal cases. Based on the conflicts between truth-seeking and human rights protection, this paper will conclude by discussing limitations in Chinese fact-finding procedures and will suggest how they can be mended.

Festival Attractiveness Literature Review

Authors: Ikrame Selkani
Pages: 89-97
The festival is a celebration of a specific theme to which the public is invited for a given season. This event could be done every year or less than one year (Grappi and Montanari, 2011). In this article we will present the different variables to measure the attractiveness of festivals. The result of this investigation will be: summarizing the variables of the festival variable measure from different authors in one paper.