International Journal of World Policy and Development Studies

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Volume 5 Number 11 November 2019

Multicultural Inevitability: Case of Georgia

Authors: Vladimir Liparteliani
Pages: 106-112
The paper seeks to analyze the larger concept of multiculturalism and to further determine its role and importance in modern Georgia. The agenda of cultural diversity is often subject to criticism, accused for being responsible for endangering modern societies. Such statements will be critically analyzed within the context of the increasing far-right sentiments among Georgians, as reflected in a what can be described as a radical march which took place in Tbilisi on the 14th of July 2017, creating risks of further deteriorating of the situation in the country, given the general macro-economic instability of Georgia and undermining democracy. This paper concludes that it is very important to establish an innovative new model of Georgian citizenship, and one which will address all the accumulated misunderstandings now existing in society. It is expected that this will enable multiculturalism to be perceived more appropriately, i.e. as a unifying ideology rather than a dividing force.