International Journal of World Policy and Development Studies

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Volume 3 Number 4 December 2017

Relationship between Principals? Instructional Supervision Practices and Teachers? Job Performance in Secondary Schools in Anambra State

Authors: Gladys Uzoechina ; Isaac N. Nwankwo
Pages: 21-25
This study was carried out in Anambra State. The main purpose of this study was to determine whether any significant relationship exists between principals’ instruction supervision practices and teachers’ job performance in secondary schools in Anambra State. One research question and one null hypothesis guided the study.  It adopted the co-relational research design. The population of the study was made up of 6,342 public secondary school teachers in six education zones of the state. The sample for the study was 634 public secondary school teachers in Anambra state. Researchers-developed instrument titled: ‘Questionnaire on principals instructional supervision practices and teachers job performance Questionnaire’ (QPISPTJP) was used for data collection. The instrument was validated by three experts. The reliability of the instrument was established through a trial- test in public secondary schools in Enugu State.  The reliability index of the instrument using cronbach alpha method was 0.92 and was deemed high for the study. The researchers administered the instrument directly on the respondents with the help of five research assistants and the Pearson’s Product Moment correlation coefficient was used in the data analysis. Findings indicated that a moderate positive relationship exists between principals instructional supervision practices and teachers job performance. Among others, it was recommended that principals should use instructional supervision as an opportunity to equip their teachers with professional skills and knowledge.