Academic Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences

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Volume 2 Number 4 April 2016

Modeling Kenya Domestic Radicalization like A Disease Incorporating Rehabilitation Centers

Authors: Cyrus Gitonga Ngari
Pages: 27-39
The study presents a deterministic model for radicalization process in Kenya and use the model to assess impact of rehabilitation centers to radicalization burden. The possibility of other drivers of radicalization to individuals who are not religious fanatics, and also individuals in rehabilitated subclass continuing being violent was considered. The model incorporated rehabilitation of the radicalized but peaceful individuals in subclass R (t), and also radicalized but violent individuals in subclass T (t), allowing recovery of individuals in subclass R (t) from the intervention of good clergies. The stationary points were computed, their stabilities investigated and important thresholds determining the progression of the radicalization evaluated. The model sensitivity indices indicate that high intervention rates hold great promise to reduce the radicalization burden.