Academic Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences

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Volume 4 Number 5 May 2018

Uniformly Order Eight Implicit Second Derivative Method for Solving Second-Order Stiff Ordinary Differential Equations ODEs

Authors: Pius Tumba ; Sabo John ; Markus Hamadina
Pages: 43-48
A one-step hybrid block method for initial value problems of general second order Ordinary Differential Equations has been studied in this paper. In the derivation of the method, power series is adopted as basis function to obtain the main continuous scheme through collocation and interpolations approach. Taylor method is also used together with new method to generate the non-overlapping numerical results. The new method is then applied to solve the system of second-order stiff ordinary differential equations and the accuracy is better when compared with the existing methods in terms of error.

Graph Contraction Technique as an Alternative Approach to Solving Balanced Transportation Problem

Authors: Ben Obakpo Johnson ; A. D. Akwu ; T. T. Ashezua
Pages: 34-42
In this work, we present an alternative method, namely, Graph Contraction Technique for solving the transportation problem which is a special class of Linear Programming Problem. We represented the transportation problem as a bipartite graph and solved it iteratively. To illustrate the method, two numerical examples are solved and the obtained solutions are compared with those obtained via Vogel approximation method. The present method yields the same initial basic feasible solutions of the problem. However, the present method is found to be very easy to understand; use and implement compared to the Vogel approximation method and can be applied on real life transportation problems by the decision makers.