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Special Issue

Special Issue 2 2018

Investigating the Factors Impacting the Student Satisfaction With the Universities: A Comparative Study of Malaysia and Pakistan

Authors: Faisal Khalil-Ur-Rehman ; Muhammad Farooq ; Tansholpan Bekmyrza ; Waqar Younas ; Valliappan Raju

Work Design and Competencies in Relation to Work Performance: A Proposed Framework

Authors: Mohd Faizal Hamzah ; Mohamad Noorman Masrek ; Irwan Kamaruddin Abdul Kadir

Understanding E-Commerce Market Using Cluster Analysis: A Case Study of the CRM Programs of Online Shopper

Authors: Natalia ; Sanny

A Correlational Study on Savings, Spending, Investment and Insurance Among Students at Tertiary Levels

Authors: Ali Z.

Interactive Use of Performance Measurement Systems and its Impact to Firm Performance: Evidence from West Java Province Local-Owned Enterprise, Indonesia

Authors: Muhammad Dahlan

Local Government Characteristics, Adoption of Accrual Accounting, and Government Performance

Authors: NingrumPramudiati ; Baldric Siregar

User Influence on Knowledge Grid Model among Big Data Community to Promote Knowledge Sharing

Authors: Sara Hosseinioun ; Rusli Abdullah

The Critical Success Factors for the Technology Transfer in the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Project

Authors: Abdul Rahman Hamdan ; Mohamad Syazli Fathi ; Zainai Mohamed

The Review of Problems in Precast Construction Activities

Authors: Yin Rui ; Zhao Sen

Eco-Innovations in Housing Delivery: A Case of Malaysia

Authors: William Wee-Lim Hew ; Siok-Hwa Lau ; Gerald Guan-Gan Goh

Bridging the Gap between Denotational Semantics and Operational Semantics in Smart Contract

Authors: Wong Wai Wai ; Gan Chin Lay

Use and Disposal of Mobile Phones Among University Students

Authors: Ho Sew Tiep ; Goh Mei Ling ; Radziah Shaikh Abdullah ; Teo Kim Mui

Shareholder Remedies Against the Management of a Company: An Appraisal Relating to Annual General Meeting

Authors: Magaji Shamsuddeen ; Nurli Yaacob ; Zuryati Mohamed Yusoff

The Longitudinal Impact of Intellectual Capital on Innovation Performance in SMEs

Authors: Yasmin Kamall Khan ; Laila Mohammad Kamaruddin

Gold Investment in Malaysia: Refuge from Stock Market Turmoil or Inflation-Protector?

Authors: Mohd Fahmi Ghazali ; Hooi Hooi Lean ; Zakaria Bahari
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