Special Issue

Special Issue 2 2018

Users’ Perceptions on Tax Disclosure in Malaysian Companies Annual Reports

Authors: Noraza Mat Udin ; Nurul Afza Abd Rashid

Examining the Threshold Effect of Exchange Rate Changes on Monetary Policy Reaction Function of ASEAN-5: A Panel Threshold Approach

Authors: Lavaneesvari Manogaran ; Siok Kun Sek

Linking Islamic Work Ethics and Pro-Environmental Behaviour: A Systematic Review

Authors: Faiq Aziz ; Nomahaza Mahadi ; Jihad Mohammad

Sustainable Environmental Management in Nigeria: An Appraisal

Authors: Abdullahi Mohammed Evuti

Organisational Support in Knowledge Transfer Activities towards ERP Success: Scale Development and Validation

Authors: Nur Izzah Muallah ; A. H. Nor Aziati

Employee Pro-Environmental Behaviour: A Systematic Review and Suggestions for Future Research

Authors: Faiq Aziz ; Nomahaza Mahadi ; Jihad Mohammad

The Influence of Organizational Commitment in Climate for Innovation and Employee Retention Relationship: An Empirical Study in Higher Education Institutions

Authors: Fatimah Pa’wan ; Rosmini Omar ; Farzana Quoquab Habib ; Jihad Mohammad

The Determinants of Districts/Cities Spending in Aceh Province: An Analysis of Electoral Districts

Authors: Ghazali Syamni ; Ichsan

Housing Assistance Under the Zakat, Disbursement Schemes in Malaysia

Authors: Azila Ahmad Sarkawi ; Srazali Aripin

Thematic Review for Modeling of Outsourcing Theories

Authors: Kashif Latif ; Mohd Nazari Ismail ; Mohammad Nazri ; Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor ; Muhammad Imran Qureshi

The Role of Self-Efficacy, Value Congruence, and Work Well-Being on Employee Commitment: An Empirical Study on the Millennial Generation in Indonesia

Authors: Rizal Nangoy ; Mohammad Hamsal

Model of Value Proposition: Customer Interview and Development Process for Startup Business Product

Authors: Qorri Aina ; Wardah Naili Ulfah ; Sri Herliana ; Sri Hartati

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Usage Behaviours of Mobile Phone Among Teenagers and its Implications to Teenagers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Authors: Yann Ling Goh ; Yeh Huann Goh ; Mei Peng Low ; Raymond Ling Leh Bin

Women Entrepreneurs' Networks and Innovation: Multiple Cases of Food Manufacturing Industry

Authors: Siti Sarah Omar ; Umi Kartini Rashid ; Nawal Senun
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