Special Issue

Special Issue 6 2018

Financial Literacy Among Malaysian: Level of Financial Knowledge Score

Authors: N. Sawandi ; A. S Abu Bakar ; H.Shaari ; R. A. Saad ; N. A. Amran

Influences on Knowledge Sharing in the Academes: Implications for Individual Performance

Authors: Usman Madugu ; Halimah Abdul Manaf

Urban Kampung as a Space of Opportunities: Women’s Strategies to Make a Living in High-Density Informal Settlements

Authors: D. Mizanni ; E. Ellisa

Student Quality Evaluation amongst Tahfiz Science Schools in Malaysia

Authors: Abdul Rahim A. ; Aminurraasyid Y. ; Mohd Farihal O.

Maternal Clinic Attendance: Does Husbands' Knowledge about Pregnancy and Childbirth have Influence on Intra-Household Decision-Making?

Authors: Mpawenimana Abdallah Saidi ; Bougangue Bassoumah ; Yusuf Sani Abubakar

An Acceptance and Exclusion of Malaysian Folktales Based on Established Qualifying Factors to Create a Malaysian Folktale Classification System for Safeguarding Purpose

Authors: Harryizman Harun

The Social Accountability Conceptual Model for Humanitarian Relief NGOs

Authors: Norazita Marina Abdul Aziz

The Delineation of the Islamic Accounting Concepts through the Narrative Reviews Intrepretation

Authors: Norazita Marina Abdul Aziz ; Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad

The Effect of Teachers’ Work Ethic Practice: A Study at a Daily School in the Kubang Pasu District

Authors: Mohamad Khairi Haji Othman ; Rozalina Khalid

Corruption and Stock Market Development: Evidence from Asian Countries

Authors: Kelvin Lee Yong Ming ; Mohamad Bin Jais ; Rossazana Abd Rahim ; Ayoib Che-Ahmad

Muslim Religious Practice and Non-Muslim Response in Malaysian Inter-Religious Discourse

Authors: Munif Z. F. Nordin ; Nor Fariza Mohd Nor

Multi-Religious Affairs Under the Muslim Legal System: A Historical Study of Umar’s Transformative Approaches in Islamicjerusalem after the First Muslim Conquest (637CE)

Authors: Aminurraasyid Yatiban ; Fatimatuzzahra Abd Rahman

Validity Measurement of WAQF Related Research in Scopus Indexed Journals: A Rabbani Approach Analysis

Authors: Nor Hanani Binti Ismail

Productivity, Technology and Efficiency Change of Islamic and Conventional Reits in Malaysia

Authors: Nor Nazihah Chuweni ; Ihsan Isik ; Ahmad Shazrin Mohamed Azmi

Determinants of Debt Structure in Ace Market Bursa Malaysia: A Panel Data Analysis

Authors: Maziar Ghasemi ; Nazrul Hisyam Ab Razak ; Komeil Dehghani
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