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Recent Articles

  • A Note on the Approximate Formula for the Associated Legendre Function
    Authors: Mitsuru Yoshida
    Pages: 1-4
  • Special Spirals are Produced by the ROTASE Galactic Spiral Equations with the Sequential Prime Numbers
    Authors: Hongjun Pan
    Pages: 69-77
  • On Bivariate Modeling of the COVID-19 Data with a New Type I Half-Logistic Inverse Weibull Distribution
    Authors: Ahmed Elhassanein
    Pages: 42-68
  • Stable Numerical Differentiation Algorithms Based on the Fourier Transform in Frequency Domain
    Authors: Yanling He ; Huilin Xu ; Xiaoyan Xiang
    Pages: 34-41
  • Rotation Equation of a Point in Air and its Solution
    Authors: Tian-Quan Yun
    Pages: 30-33
  • Linear Programming on Bread Production Using Uncertainty Approach
    Authors: Adamu Wakili
    Pages: 27-29
  • Forbidden Zones for the Expectations of Data: New Mathematical Methods and Models for Behavioral Economics
    Authors: Alexander Harin
    Pages: 12-26
  • Exponentiated Cubic Transmuted Weibull Distribution: Properties and Application
    Authors: Oseghale O. I. ; Akomolafe A. A. ; Gayawan E.
    Pages: 1-11
  • Building a Predictive Model for Gynecologic Cancer Using Levels of Data Analytics
    Authors: Faisal Alamri ; Ezz H. Abdelfattah ; Khalid Sait ; Nisreen M. Anfinan ; Hesham Sait
    Pages: 192-197
  • The Modified Increment Method for Eigenspace Model
    Authors: Chunjie Wei ; Jian Wang
    Pages: 187-191