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Recent Articles

  • College Students’ Purchase Intention for Counterfeit Sport Shoes
    Authors: Ching-Hui Lin
    Pages: 22-28
  • FinTech and Digital Finance: Foes or Friends after COVID-19 Pandemic?
    Authors: Parul Mittal ; Sonal Gupta
    Pages: 13-21
  • Taxonomy of Organizational Design Models and Organizational Performance
    Authors: John Nkeobuna Nnah Ugoani
    Pages: 1-12
  • How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected GDP Growth?-Empirical Study on USA and China-
    Authors: Ahmed N. K. Alfarra ; Ahmed Hagag
    Pages: 51-61
  • Purchasing Power Gap and Consumer Resilience: An Empirical Investigation with Australia, Germany, Japan, and the United States
    Authors: A. Désiré Adom
    Pages: 44-50
  • Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts, And Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted”: Widening Gap between Scholars and Industry Practitioners in Nigeria
    Authors: Ayozie Daniel Ogechukwu
    Pages: 28-43
  • Can Digital Currencies Serve as Safe Havens in the Post-Covid Era?
    Authors: A. Désiré Adom
    Pages: 17-27
  • Research on the Training Mode of Business Administration Talents Based on "Excellence Plan"
    Authors: Liu Jingjing
    Pages: 12-16
  • External Audit Process Failures: Unethical Practices and Business Demise
    Authors: John Nkeobuna Nnah Ugoani ; Grace Iyi Ibeenwo
    Pages: 1-11
  • Construction and Innovation of "TCPP" Teaching Mode of International Settlement from the Perspective of Applied Talent Training Objectives
    Authors: Min Xu ; Hong Chen
    Pages: 125-131