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Special Issue

Special Issue 5 2018

Studying Business and Legal English through Case –Studies

Authors: Asiya M. Ilyasova ; Maria A. Nilova

The Extent of Internal Audit Efficiency to Limit the Practices of Immoral Accountant (From the Point of view of Auditors in Baghdad)

Authors: Hazim Alghazali M.

Features Personal Constitutional and Legal Responsibility of the Russian Government Officials

Authors: Azat A. Gafurov

Functional-Stylistic Analysis of Pre –Election Campaign Discourse

Authors: Alzira A. Minikeeva ; Aida G. Sadykova ; Edward Lazzerini

About Some Problems of Criminal liability Regulation for Terror Crimes

Authors: Sergey A. Baleev ; Ivan S. Durnaev

Civil Legal Capacity of Minors

Authors: Zamira A. Akhmetyanova ; Gelyusa Kh. Garaeva ; Olga N. Nizamieva

Improvement of Financial Standing of Enterprise by Means of Sourcing Maneuver Model Application

Authors: Ilnour I. Farkhoutdinov ; Alexey G. Isavnin

Contents and Essence of World Economy Globalization

Authors: Z. K. Radzhabova ; O. T. Radzhabov ; M. G. Isaev ; B. I. Shikhsaidov ; M. N. Osmanov ; A. T. Yusupova ; M. A. Aliev ; A. A. Mirimova

About New Approaches to Management of Finance Enterprises

Authors: Iskander K. Safin ; Irina N. Vyachina ; Olga E. Kovrizhnykh

Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Choice of Information Systems by Economic Subjects of Russian Federation

Authors: Nataliya S. Seliverstova ; Askar N. Mustafin ; Eva Benková

Theoretical Analysis of the Term “Professional Socialization” of Future Economists

Authors: Platukhina Ie. A ; Eferova A. R. ; Koikova E. I. ; Ponomareva Ye.V. ; Maiboroda A. A.

Assessment of Public Catering Development Key Factors in Russian Federation Regions

Authors: Marat R. Safiullin ; Zufar F. Gayazov

Banking Sector in Russia: Rise or Crisis?

Authors: Elvira R. Tagirova

Cluster Approach as a Factor of Increasing the Investment Attractiveness of the Region

Authors: Tatyana V.  Nikonova ; Lilia M.  Yusupova ; Irina A. Kodolova ; Railia R. Kalimullina

Comparative Assessment of Resource Productivity Factors in the Oil and Gas Companies

Authors: E. I. Kadochnikova ; L. F. Zulfakarova ; Z. N. Zapparova ; L. B. Sungatullina
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