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Special Issue

Special Issue 5 2018

Implemented Teaching Methods Based on Interactive Learning Process in Order to Increase the Ability of Learning Foreign Language

Authors: Nataliya V. Tikhonova ; Gulnara M. Ilduganova ; Marina S. Lukina

Academic Student Theatre in English in a Pedagogical University: Specifics and Opportunities to Meet With the “Different” Culture

Authors: Semenova E.V. ; Rostova M. L. ; Kazantseva Ya. N. ; Nemchinova N. V. ; Vasicheva А. N. ; Marinina A. E.

The Principle of Maintaining Citizens’ Confidence in Law and State Actions during the Practice of RF Constitutional and Statutory Courts

Authors: Gulnara R. Khabiboullina ; Liliana I. Bagautdinova

The Commodities in Post Capitalist Society: Domination of the Invention of Technology in Society Activities

Authors: Joyce Helen Mawuntu ; Anton S. Krasnov

Effect of Physical Exercises on the Indicators of Physical Development of Junior Schoolchildren With the Diseases of the Respiratory Organs

Authors: Albina N. Kudyasheva ; Konstantin B. Tumarov ; Nail Kh. Kudyashev

Examining and Demystifying the Social and Learning Issues of International Students at Indian Educational Institutions

Authors: V. Selva Lakshmi ; Dr. S. Ramachandran

Modeling and Forecasting of Food Security for Wheat in Egypt Through Year 2025 by Using time Series ARIMA Models

Authors: Mostafa M. Negm

Impact Analysis of Strategic Cost Management on Business Quality Modern Corporation

Authors: Salwan Jaber Hashim ; Sergey A. Orekhov ; Talib Al-Hamdawee Alaa Ammar

Formation of Democratic Confidence and Self-Awareness of Future Educational Staff of Preschool Education

Authors: Halina A. Nazarenko ; Halyna I. Lomakina ; Tetyana V. Kolgan

Grammar-Translation and Direct Methods in Teaching English in the Educational Institution with Specific Conditions of Study

Authors: Olena B. Shenderuk ; Olha L. Tamarkina ; Tetiana P. Pernarivska

Monitoring of Students’ Quality in the Context of Economic Education

Authors: Kateryna O. Lutsenko ; Hanna H. Ostanina

Efficiency of Digital Public Administration System in the Course of Implementing the Innovative Potential of National Economy

Authors: Igor L. Sazonets ; Igor G. Hanin ; Мichael V. Ryabokon ; Yuriy V. Pikalov

Agroindustrial Complex in the Eastern European Countries in the Context of Sustainable Development

Authors: Maryna V. Shashyna ; Oleg V. Zakharchenko ; Oleksandr V. Darushyn ; Zoriana M. Buryk ; Maria I. Shpinkovska

Granger Causality Approach to Examining Stock Market Integration in West Africa

Authors: Eseosa David Obadiaru ; Adebayo John Oloyede ; Alex Ehimare Omankhanlen ; Olusegun Barnabas Obasaju

Reflections on Discussions of Literature: A Language Learning Environment to Promote Speaking Skills

Authors: Cagri Tugrul Mart
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