Recent Articles

  • Telemedicine Acceptance in Bahrain: Analysis of the Case of COVID-19 Pandemic
    Authors: Fatima Y. Alsebaie
    Pages: 26-32
  • Kidnapping for Ransom: Nigeria’s Flourishing Industry, but Worst Nightmare
    Authors: James E. Archibong
    Pages: 18-25
  • Impact of Socio-demographic Determinants on Individual Health in Bangladesh
    Authors: Masum Billah Patowary ; Israt Jahan Kakoly
    Pages: 11-17
  • A Survey on the Impact of Covid-19 on the Labor Market
    Authors: Ali Zarifhonarvar
    Pages: 1-10
  • The Effect of Physical Activity on the Attitudes toward Engaging in Driving While Impaired by Alcohol
    Authors: Chong-Hwan Son
    Pages: 56-71
  • Curiosity among Students in Learning the Design and Technology Subject
    Authors: DayangSuryati Abang Ibrahim ; Abdullah Mat Rashid
    Pages: 48-55
  • Pre-Emption in Jordanian Legislation: Critical Reading
    Authors: Nabeel Farhan AlShatnawi ; Samir Mahmoud Abduh AlDalalah
    Pages: 44-47
  • Meta-Analysis of Randomized Bivariate Effects of Governance on Common Resource Management
    Authors: José Marcos Bustos Aguayo ; Margarita Juárez Nájera ; Cruz García Lirios
    Pages: 35-43
  • Invisible Influence of Deities on the Culture, Art, and Lifestyle in Mangrove Forest Settlements: The Curious Case of Bonbibi
    Authors: Md. Nadimuddaula
    Pages: 31-34
  • The Relationship between Parental Styles and Food Attitude of Children Towards Vegetarianism
    Authors: Phani Tej Adidam ; Irene F. Shaker ; Sherief Atef Ahmed Wahid El-Din 
    Pages: 22-30