Recent Articles

  • TAPs in the Research on Translation Process: An Overview
    Authors: Xu Yuemeng ; Liu Yongjie
    Pages: 22-27
  • An Analysis of Primary School Students’ Reading Competence in Using Cohesive Devices
    Authors: Jinxiu Jing
    Pages: 18-21
  • The Positive Chinese Women Image in the 21st Century from the Perspective of Multimodal Analysis in the Milk Advertising Discourse ---Take Two Milk Brands as Examples
    Authors: Cheng Mi
    Pages: 13-17
  • Involving Children with Visual Impairments in the Educational Process During English Language Lessons in an Inclusive Classroom
    Authors: Abdullayeva Gavhar Saparovna ; Safarova Zarina Giyosovna ; Khakimova Gulsara Egamnazarovna
    Pages: 7-12
  • A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Geographical Indication trademark of China Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Authors: Zheng Mei ; Wang Xin
    Pages: 1-6
  • A Case Study of the Subtitle Translation of a Short Video from the Perspective of Three-dimensional Transformation of Eco-Translatology
    Authors: WANG Leyang ; LIU Dingfang
    Pages: 32-38
  • A Case Study on McDonald’s Advertisements from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication
    Authors: Xiao Yuxin ; Wang Weichao
    Pages: 22-31
  • The Effectiveness of Teaching Idioms in Electoral Speeches
    Authors: Anahit Hovhannisyan
    Pages: 11-21
  • A Study on the Pragmatic Identity Construction in Acceptance Speech at Kobe’s Basketball HOF Induction by the Public Figure
    Authors: Mingzhu Qin
    Pages: 6-10
  • Role of Translation in Concluding International Agreements and Preserving International Law: A Case Study of Translating International Law into Arabic
    Authors: Aiman Musabah Al Owaisi
    Pages: 1-5