Special Issue

Special Issue 1 2018

The Role of Personalized Preventive Medicine in Reproductive Risk Regulation

Authors: Svetlana A. Fadeeva ; Elvira N. Vasilyeva ; Irina D. Sitdikova ; Tamara G. Denisova ; Lyudmila I. Gerasimova

The Comparative Analysis of the Law Policy of Parliamentary Responsibility of the Executive Government of the Russian Federation and Foreign States

Authors: Ainur G. Demieva ; Aleksey V. Chepus ; Natalia V. Mamitova

Rand's Theory of Rational Egoism as a Specimen of Myth-Making

Authors: Kamila N. Mirasova ; Olga B. Karasik ; Andrey A. Astvatsaturov

Theoretical and Functional Analysis of the Legal Doctrine of the Presumption of Innocence

Authors: Ainur Gilmullin ; Vagip Abdrashitov

The Structure of a Modern Textbook for the Students of the International Relations Department

Authors: Narkiz K. Mullagaliev ; Ildar G. Akhmetzyanov ; Almira K. Garaev

Borrowings in the Lexical-Semantic System of the Russian Literary Language

Authors: Gulnaz Ilnurovna Mardanova ; Guzel Nurutdinovna Karimullina ; Karlygash Kurmangalikyzy Sarekenova

Specificity of Expressiveness in Scientific and Official Styles of the English Language

Authors: Landysh A. Gizyatova ; Anastasiya V. Fakhrutdinova

Studying the Judicial Protection of Human Rights Against Discrimination by the Russian Courts

Authors: Ekaterina A. Khuzina ; Gabdrakhman Kh. Valiev ; Rezeda G. Khairullina

Methodical Issues of Quantitative Justification of the Selection of Branch Priorities of the Regional Industrial Profile

Authors: Azat R. Safiullin ; Asiliar I. Gubaidullina

Semantic Analysis of the French Word “Pistol” and its Origin in Russian Literary Language

Authors: Anastasia V. Ageeva ; Liliya R. Abdullina

Communicative and Cognitive Approach in Training English Lexis as Means of Educational Process Intensification

Authors: Ekaterina A. Plakhova ; Elena N. Kharapudko ; Rasilya R. Nurmieva

Comparative Analysis of the Concepts «Путешествие/ Travel» In Russian and English Linguistic Cultures

Authors: Marsel R. Nurkhamitov ; Olga A. Nikolaeva ; Yulia A. Kozlova ; Faida N. Rakhimullina

Intercultural Communication as a Basis for Continuous Multicultural Education

Authors: Nailya M. Muzafarova ; Nargis I. Bagmanova ; Albina R. Zabolotskaya

Determination of Specifics of Semantics of Phraseological Units with a Gender Component in the English and Tatar Languages

Authors: Ekaterina A. Khuzina ; Rezeda Yo. Mukhtarova

Phonological Interpretation of French Vowels in the Russian Literary Language

Authors: Anastasia V. Ageeva ; Liliya R. Abdullina ; Natalia V. Gabdreeva
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