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Special Issue

Special Issue 1 2018

The Language Aspect of the Comic Feature on the Example of American and English Humor

Authors: Ekaterina V. Martynova ; Enzhe Kh. Shamsutdinova ; Alfiya R. Baranova

The Motifs of Light and Darkness in Faulkner`s Novel Light in August

Authors: Maria A. Nilova ; Asiya M. Ilyasova

The Notion of the Sound Law and Its Criticizers

Authors: Anzhela R. Lisenko ; Ilmira M. Rakhimbirdieva

The Problems of the Western Society in the Mirror of a New German-Speaking Drama

Authors: Anzhela R. Lisenko ; Elena N. Shevchenko

The Question of the Influence of European Modernism on the Creative Identity of Vladimir Nabokov

Authors: Helene Bazhanova

The Research of the Structural Organization of Metaphorical and Metonymical Models of Phraseological Units with a Gender Component in the English and Tatar Languages

Authors: Ekaterina A. Khuzina ; Rezeda Yo. Mukhtarova

The Use of Entertaining Television Programs in Teaching Foreign Languages

Authors: Olga G. Palutina ; Veronika E. Sabitova

Using the Technology of Creative Writing to Develop Students' Creative Thinking in Teaching English

Authors: Rasilya R. Nurmieva ; Nina P. Soboleva

Ways of Expression of Compliance to Norm in the Phraseological Field of the World of English and Tatar Linguistic Cultures

Authors: Ekaterina A. Khuzina ; Rezeda Yo. Mukhtarova

Meta-Cognitive Technologies in the Training of Students-Future Teachers

Authors: Olga V. Razumova ; Elena R. Sadykova ; Ruslan R. Zamaliev

Kazan Eparchy Consistory in the Context of Church - State Relation Evolution During Post-Reform Period

Authors: Gulshat M. Mustafina ; Anton V. Yermoshin ; Irina A. Matyagina

Long-Term Analysis of Polio Epidemiological Situation in Russian Federation and The Republic of Tatars Tan

Authors: Almir R. Abashev ; Artur A. Almukhametov ; Ilia V. Petrov ; Firuza S. Petrova

Judicial Control Problems Concerning Legal Implementation in Public Administration

Authors: Ekaterina A. Khuzina ; Gabdrakhman H. Valiev

Prohibition as Axiological Basis of Legal Reality

Authors: Nikolay N. Rybushkin ; Alisher R. Khodzhiev ; Andrey V. Skorobogatov

Control System Image Analysis of Unmanned Vehicles Based on Computer Vision Technology

Authors: Ilyas I. Ismagilov ; Fatikh Sh. Nugaev ; Mikhail P. Shleymovich ; Alexey S. Katasev ; Stella A. Lyasheva ; Mikhail V. Medvedev
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